2021 Varietal Survey & NEW Trait Index Aim To Improve Profitability

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  • Sam Anderson
  • August 31 2021

The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee has partnered with the National Ag Statistics Service and Montana State University for the 2021 Varietal Survey. A new feature in this year’s survey is the Trait Index, which will help guide breeding programs in cultivar development, with the goal being to increase on-farm profitability as well as end use marketability. The newly added trait index allows producers to rank their top factors when choosing between varieties.

“The combination of varietal trends and the trait index will give breeding programs reliable producer feedback to utilize when developing new cultivars. It is exciting to see Montana growers value end-use qualities in their top 5 most desirable traits. Over the past year, the MWBC began several projects targeting improved end use qualities, which will continue to drive international markets toward Montana as an improver grain,” said Cassidy Marn, Executive Vice President of the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee.

This commitment to overall agronomic and end-use quality will ensure that newly released varieties continue to improve the desirability of Montana grain. Over the last 5 years, Montana producers have received significant premiums on winter and spring wheat resulting in an additional $270 million brought to our producers compared to other wheat growing states. The goal is to strengthen those premiums through end use quality and education. We thank the Montana producers who participated in this survey, your responses will make a significant impact on the wheat and barley industry in the Treasure State.

As we wrap up this year’s harvest, the Wheat and Barley Committee and Montana Department of Agriculture encourage producers to talk with your extension agents, agronomists, and seed dealers to help you make the best on farm decisions resulting in the highest quality grain possible.


The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee is a producer-funded and directed check-off organization for wheat and barley growers in the state. Its mission is to protect and foster the health and prosperity of the Montana wheat and barley industry by encouraging scientific research to improve production and quality; maintaining current markets; promoting new market development; and serving as an educational and informational resource. Visit montanawbc.com for more information.


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