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Agriculture is the financial engine that drives Montana's economy, bringing in $2 billion in annual revenue plus associated benefits to rural communities.

One in five Montana workers is employed in agriculture or a related field. Montana ranks first nationally in the production of certified organic wheat, and third in the production of all wheat and barley. The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee works to ensure Montana's future in the wheat and barley industry. The committee is grower-funded and grower-controlled through a representative board of directors.



Summary and complete budget information for the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee.


The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee funds and supports scientific research to improve grain production and quality. Learn more about past and ongoing research efforts.


With an excellent grain elevator infrastructure, easy access to highway and rail transportation options, and close proximity to Pacific Northwest ports, Montana wheat and barley is ready to move, and the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee can help grain buyers meet their transportation needs.