2022 Research Proposals

September 16-October 14 applications will be accepted
October MWBC board review with video Q/A
December projects will be finalized

It is the mission of the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee to promote local research and develop trade markets around the world, all grant funding will support this mission.

New Requirements:

Funding in Tiers II, III, and IV will require a 5 minute maximum video (MP4) answering these questions:

  • What is the study?
  • How many years will the study take?
  • Why is it important?
  • What are the anticipated results? 

*Please keep visual aids to a minimum and present the data as if the viewer has no prior knowledge. 

Here is a great example: 


MWBC Research Priorities

Tier I  CORE Critical Ongoing Research Efforts
  • Varietal Development, Genomics, Wheat Stem Safely, Quality Labs
Tier II Agronomic Best Practices
  • Crop rotation work, nutrient efficiencies, carbon studies, precision agriculture
Tier III Combative weed, pest, disease innovation and product development
  • Wireworms, sawfly, midge, herbicide efficiencies

Tier IV End use product innovations

New Projects: (Tiers II, III and IV)

Newly funded multi-year projects may apply for up to three years of funding with a sliding scale. Upon funding of year 1, years 2-3 will be reevaluated for continued support.

  • Year 1: 100% funding
  • Year 2: 75% funding
  • Year 3: 50% funding

*Use of MWBC funding to leverage additional outside grants, depending on project scale will be necessary to continue multi-year projects. Please describe in detail potential grant opportunities with preliminary data.
*If privately owned technologies are being utilized, match funding is required.
*Exceptions can be made at the MWBC Board of Director’s discretion.

Typical Funding Allocation

*Amount will be determined annually, on average $1.5 million available

  • Tier I 60-70%
  • Tier II 12.5%
  • Tier III 12.5%
  • Tier IV 5%

Cumulative Reports

The links below are Microsoft Excel (.xls) spreadsheets listing past projects funded by the Montana Wheat & Barley Committee

Things to Know After Receiving Grant Funding

  1. You will receive an award letter specifying the amount of the funding
  2. If you are a new grantee or have made any changes (name, address, etc.) you must fill out and submit a  W-9 Form 
  3. You will submit a copy of your worker's compensation certificate or letter of exemption (if you work with only volunteers, etc.) that must be submitted either with the first invoice or sooner
  4. You will submit an invoice along with any documentation about your project (flyers, publications, pictures, etc.) in order to receive your awarded funds

To apply please contact Tammy Suek at